The assembly at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in Saskatoon was born in 1912 by brethren immigrating from England, Scotland, and Ireland. Meeting initially in rented quarters, the Christians in 1914 built Hebron Hall, a small building at Avenue C and 25th Street. A year later, this building was moved to Avenue B and 25th Street, enlarged, and renamed Hebron Gospel Hall. It was often called the Saskatoon Gospel Hall. Those active in leadership from the early days include J. Paxton, W. Marlow, R. Hawkins, W. Wilson, B. Tansley, and A. Matley.

In 1968, the building name was changed to Grace Gospel Chapel. When the area became industrial and families began moving elsewhere, the believers decided to relocate. In 1979, the building was sold and Fairhaven Bible Chapel was built in the Fairhaven district of Saskatoon. The assembly has commended workers to the Lord’s service in France, Quebec, and Saskatchewan.