A Tale of Three Kings

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A Tale of Three Kings

What is the resource about?

-This book looks at three particular kings in Israel’s early history: Saul, David, and Absalom. Each king’s history is used as an allegory for a leadership role within a local church. Saul is an example of an authoritarian leader within the church; David is a broken leader within the church; Absalpom is a rebellious leader within the church. The question then is, how do we respond to one of these leaders?

Why is it important?

-many Christians have struggled with the leadership of their local church. When the leadership is unhealthy, how should we respond? What are the steps we should take (or not take) in order to honour God in that setting? How can we strengthen the church and not get destroyed in the process?

What should I do?

-Edwards encourages us all to become a ‘David’. What does that look like in your context? David, for all the times he usurped his authority, still managed to treat his authority in a way that honoured God. Since God gave David his authority, God could also take it away; David lived his life in light of that truth (and so should we).