Becoming Friends of Time

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Becoming Friends of Time

What is the resource about?

-Swinton describes the intersection of time and disability. He describes our current understanding of time as SAET (Standard Average European Time) and contrasts that interpretation of time with God time, which moves at 3 miles per hour (average walking speed). Swinton also discusses the various words we use to describe someone who is not able to move in time in the same way as the typical person. He also makes the point that everyone is disabled at multiple points in life, from newborns to seniors needing care. In that sense, only a few, and only for a time, would not be disabled.

Why is it important?

-Swinton explains that time is a gift and a calling; in that sense, we need to slow down and embrace the gift God has given us. Rather than always moving forward at full speed, we need to learn to slow down and relish the opportunities God has given us. By slowing down, we also learn to function in a time that allows us to appropriately interact with those who have disabilities.

What should I do?

-Learn to control time rather than being controlled by time. Recognize that not everyone responds to time in the same way society does. By slowing down, we make space for those who are disabled to also be discipled.