Istanbul, Here We Come

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Istanbul, Here We Come

What is the resource about?

-This is an autobiography of Roger and Yvonne Malstead who have been missionaries to Turkey. Rather than following a strict timeline approach, Yvonne focuses on specific events and traces the impact of those events over time. This leads to some jumping back and forth in time. Changing conditions from their early years to their later years in Turkey shows the power of the Gospel in changing lives.

Why is it important?

-As an Islamci country, Turkey has not been open to the Gospel. As a result, missionaries to Turkey have often had to work with Turks outside of Turkey rather than in Turkey. Seeing the various attempts to reach others with the Gospel allows us to pray for missionaries more effectively and gives us insights into mission work in an Islamic country.

What should I do?

-Read the book. Pray for missionaries and for Islamic countries to allow the Gospel to change lives. (Remember, when the Holy Spirit starts to change lives, He might change your life, the lives of missionaries, or the lives of those who are being evangelized or any combination thereof. Praying can be dangerous, but remember that God is good).