Kingdom Living in Your Classroom

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Kingdom Living in Your Classroom 

What is the resource about?

-This book is for new teachers seeking to develop a biblical worldview in the classroom. The four major sections are developing leadership, management, discipline, and personal growth in a school community.

Why is it important?

-Teachers get trained in how to start teaching in a classroom. However, many teachers have not learned how to be a biblically-based teacher. We have the freedom to live out our faith in Christian schools; let us learn how to do so in a way that honours God in every aspect. For those teaching in a non-Christian school, you may not be able to actively present Christ, but you can still live out your biblical worldview.

What should I do?

-Most teachers in Christian schools know how to embed a biblical worldview into content. McCullough helps teachers to understand how to also live out a biblical worldview in the areas of instruction and discipleship/discipline. This is a valuable resource to process while teaching.