Pastor to Pastor

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Pastor to Pastor

What is the resource about?

-This is a book for pastors by a pastor who pastors pastors (I tried to fit as many ‘pastors’ into this sentence as possible). Lutzer seeks to address issues that pastors often have. Some of the topics include board issues, preaching issues, music issues, burnout, priorities, failure, dealing with people, dealing with politics, and dealing with church splits. In all, these are a number of heavy topics.

Why is it important?

-Pastors do not often have people they can talk to about difficult issues and having a book deal with many of these topics is a good way for pastors to get the issues addressed while staying anonymous. While this book is specifically directed to pastors, there are many issues that are very similar to issues that Christian school principals deal with. Receiving biblical wisdom in common topics is often hard to find, so receiving it from Lutzer is a good substitute.

What should I do?

-There are really four steps that should be taken. First, pray about the issues you are dealing with. Second, read the Bible and see what God has already said. Third, talk to others who are in a similar position/situation. Finally, read professional books like this one to get advice from someone who is really removed from the specific problem.