Rethinking Discipleship

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Rethinking Discipleship 

What is the resource about?

-Pue revisits the concept of discipleship from a school perspective. He answers the why, who, how, and when of discipling students. 

Why is it important?

-I have more than two shelves worth of books at home that deal with discipleship. Granted, some books only deal with the what, but most of the books address the who and how. This is one of the best in looking at how to help students become actual disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. A good companion book in encouraging parents to partner with Christian schools in discipling students is Running with the Horses by Dr. Larry Taylor. 

What should I do?

-As people working in a school setting, whether educators or support staff, we all have a role to play in the discipleship of our students. Reading this book will help you understand how you are a part of the ongoing discipleship of all students you come into contact with and how you can be more effective and intentional in that process.