Set Free to Lead

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Set Free to Lead

What is the resource about?

-Rodin discusses the attributes and the seven keys to becoming a steward leader.These seven keys are: everything belongs to God, develop the heart of a one-kingdom leader, intimacy with Christ is our highest calling, our identity is secure on Jesus Christ, people are ends and not means, all resources are gifts from an abundant God, and we must be prepared for spiritual battle.

Why is it important?

-One of the key points that Rodin raises is, ‘whatever you do, always strive to be a person that God can trust’ (p. 23). This statement is connected to his main point, which is that we lead out of who we are rather than leading by what we do. In this sense, he is in full agreement with Parker Palmer’s The Courage to Teach.

What should I do?

-Seeking intimacy with God is the first step to becoming a steward-leader. Rather than seeking an appointment to leadership, waiting to be anointed to leadership is more the biblical model. So, if you are in leadership, focus on strengthening your relationship with God and others before seeking to be an effective leader and that will help you become an effective steward leader.