Stepping Into Missions

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Stepping into Missions

What is the resource about?

-Many people participate in short term mission trips. These, at times, may lead to a person becoming a career missionary. Mattix writes this short story as a primer for prospective missionaries to give them an idea of what they would reasonably expect heading out to the mission field. 

Why is it important?

-Many have a desire to go to the mission field, or, at least, participate in some short term mission trips. And yet, for many of these individuals, little thought has been put into what skills or attitudes are required or what the possible impact could be for those who live in the destination country. Mattix writes from his personal experience, as he was born on the mission field and is a missionary himself. 

What should I do?

-If you have an interest in short-term missions, or long-term, for that matter, read this book and talk to those who are already on the mission field. And, don’t forget to pray. This is a good tool to provide guidance for students or adults considering missions.