The Flourishing Teacher

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The Flourishing Teacher 

What is this resource about?

-Lake is a professor at Wheaton and wrote this book to help educators get a feel for the flow of a calendar year. She outlines some of the stressful times of the year and how to balance them out with less stressful times of year.

Why is it important?

-Every school year has an ebb and flow to it. Understanding the rhythm of the year will help teachers handle the stressors of their year. I know that it took me several years before I was comfortable with the annual flow; having a resource like this would help make that process easier to handle.

What should I do?

-Remember that September, December, and June are the most stressful months of the school year. October and January are often the least stressful. This knowledge may help teachers with pacing; the difficult seasons of the year usually only last a month or so and so there will be an end sooner rather than later. Breathe. In and then out (not the other way around).