The Insanity of God

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The Insanity of God

What is the resource about?

-The Insanity of God is the autobiography of Nik Ripken, a missionary who served in various African countries. Ripken describes the usual childhood, growing up and getting married, education, and early missionary endeavours, before changing gears. Rather than focusing on areas of success, he describes his failures and how they led him to almost lose heart. The second half of the book describes his journey to regain his focus and courage in continuing to serve God.

Why is it important?

-In the second half of the book, Ripken travels to a number of countries that are hostile to the Gospel and asks the Christians there one basic question: is it worth it (following Christ amidst the persecution)? The answer, from the multitudes who were interviewed, is a resounding Yes!

What should I do?

-Keep doing what God has called you to do. He who called you will equip you to fulfill the ministry to which you have been called. Don’t lose heart and think that the church is in decline; the church is surging ahead and multitudes are still being saved. However, also realize that we have been called to suffer for Christ and that will happen. In the western world we tend to shy away from suffering; rather than shying away, we need to embrace it, for Christ’s sake.