You Are Not Your Own

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You Are Not Your Own

What is the resource about?

-Noble deals with a common concern in society today: who determines my identity and what does that mean? (Western) society would have us believe that individuals determine their own identity (but that identity only ‘sticks’ if it is validated by the rest of society). On the other hand, as Christians, we believe that our identity is given to us by God and that only God can change our identity. (One of the examples we can see in Scripture is given in Genesis 32:27-28, where Jacob is given his new identity of Israel). 

Why is it important?

-Life looks very different if we are the ones responsible for determining our own identity as opposed to having God determine our identity. The first option creates anxiety and inner turmoil. The second option creates peace and security. However, the second option also requires us to submit to God’s leading in our lives, and many people struggle with that concept.

What should I do?

-This is another book that helps us address issues students (and some teachers) are currently facing. This book also reminds us that the real question is not ‘who we are’ but, rather, ‘whose we are’. There are many other examples in Scripture, apart from Jacob, that show us that we belong to God rather than us determining our own identity. The more familiar we are with those examples, the more we can help our students.